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The Wofi Portable Keyboard Sampler by Kiviak Instruments is Almost Ready for Debut

An Inside Look at the Upcoming Release and What Changes to Expect

NEWS  Musical Instruments  April 23, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

SynthFest France 2024, held in Nantes, was a pivotal event for electronic music enthusiasts and gearheads alike. Amidst the array of innovative instruments and technologies on display, one product stood out: the Wofi portable keyboard sampler from Kiviak Instruments. This much-anticipated device, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter in October 2023, is now on the verge of its official release.


Romain, the founder of Kiviak Instruments, presented the pre-production model of the Wofi at the festival, providing insights into its development journey and what users can expect from the final product. While the hardware is complete, the company is finalizing the firmware, addressing bugs, and making necessary adjustments to ensure a smooth launch.

According to Romain, the Wofi's debut is set for the end of May or early June 2024, with the first batch covering Kickstarter supporters and initial retailer orders.

The Wofi has seen some significant changes since its last public appearance at SynthFest France 2023 and Superbooth 23. Notably, USB-related noise issues led to a redesign involving a classic power supply, ensuring clearer sound quality.

Additionally, the controls have been refined, with some buttons renamed for better usability. On the software side, the engine is set to receive additional envelope capabilities, offering more flexibility in sound shaping.


At SynthFest France 2024, Romain demonstrated the software, a complementary tool that allows users to manage samples seamlessly. As part of the package, Kiviak Instruments also offers a free cloud service with unlimited sample storage, a compelling addition that enhances the Wofi's value proposition.


The Wofi's official retail price is set at €799, positioning it as a competitive option for musicians and producers seeking a portable and versatile sampling solution. With its imminent release, the Wofi has already generated considerable buzz, and its potential impact on the music technology landscape is eagerly anticipated. For more information visit Kiviak Instruments website.





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