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LEAK - Sony ZV-E10 II: A Controversial Yet Exciting Camera Release

New APS-C Camera Launch Brings Bold Changes and Mixed Reactions

LEAKS  Photography  July 5, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

The Sony ZV-E10 II, set to launch on July 10, is generating a buzz in the camera community. Leaks from Andrea Pizzini on YouTube have revealed significant and somewhat controversial changes to this new APS-C camera model. As anticipation builds, let's delve into what makes this release both exciting and divisive.


MECHANICAL SHUTTER: A NOTABLE ABSENCE. One of the most significant revelations is that the ZV-E10 II will likely forgo a mechanical shutter entirely, following the trend set by Nikon's flagship Z9. This decision has stirred debate among photography enthusiasts. The reliance on an electronic shutter alone raises concerns, particularly regarding rolling shutter effects.

According to CineD's tests, the A6700 sensor, expected to be in the ZV-E10 II, exhibits a rolling shutter of 15.9 ms in 4K at 25 fps, improving to 8.1 ms at 4K 120 fps with a 1.5x crop. While these numbers are acceptable, they aren't groundbreaking. Unless Sony has optimized the sensor for faster read-out speeds, the absence of a mechanical shutter could be a drawback for photographers seeking precision and speed.


AI PROCESSING ENGINE: A COST-CUTTING MEASURE. In a move likely aimed at cost efficiency, the ZV-E10 II will not include the same AI Processing Engine found in the A6700. This omission suggests potential compromises in autofocus performance. Although the ZV-E10 II will retain human and animal autofocus and subject recognition capabilities, the lack of a dedicated AI processor may result in slower and less efficient autofocus compared to the A6700.

ENHANCED VIDEO CAPABILITIES. On a brighter note, the ZV-E10 II will support impressive video features. The camera is expected to offer 4K 4:2:2 10-bit video and 5.6K oversampled video output. These capabilities position the ZV-E10 II as a robust option for videographers and content creators, ensuring high-quality video production.

AUDIO EXCELLENCE. Another highlight is the inclusion of the same microphone found in the ZV-E1 premium full-frame vlogging camera. This addition promises superior audio quality, catering to vloggers and filmmakers who prioritize sound as much as visuals. 


PRICING AND MARKET POSITION. According to Pizzini's sources, the ZV-E10 II will be priced slightly over $1,000. This price point situates the camera in a competitive range, offering advanced features at a relatively accessible cost. However, the balance between innovative video functions and potentially limited photography performance will be crucial for its market reception.

The Sony ZV-E10 II represents a bold step in the APS-C camera market, introducing notable advancements while making controversial compromises. As the launch date approaches, the camera community remains eager yet divided. The true impact of these changes will unfold as users get their hands on this new model.




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