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Pixii Max: Enhancing the Tradition of Digital Rangefinder Cameras

Full-Frame Sensor and Unique Features for Photography Enthusiasts

NEWS  Photography  July 4, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Pixii has carved a niche in the camera market with its unique digital rangefinder cameras, distinct from the dominant Leica offerings. The latest iteration, the Pixii Max, marks a significant evolution, now equipped with a 24.5 MP full-frame sensor, enhancing its capabilities for professional photographers and enthusiasts alike.


FULL-FRAME SENSOR AND INNOVATIVE FEATURES. The Pixii Max distinguishes itself with its adoption of a full-frame sensor, a departure from its previous APS-C sensor models. This upgrade not only improves image quality and low-light performance but also introduces the option to capture RAW files in black and white directly from the sensor. This feature caters to photographers seeking artistic control and fidelity to monochromatic photography.

COMPATIBILITY AND LENS OPTIONS. Designed with a Leica M bayonet mount, the Pixii Max ensures compatibility with a wide range of Leica lenses, including those compatible with the Leica M11, as well as offerings from renowned third-party manufacturers such as Zeiss and Voigtländer. This versatility allows photographers to leverage existing lens collections for a seamless transition to Pixii's latest offering.

ENHANCED VIEWFINDER AND MANUAL FOCUS. A notable feature of the Pixii Max is its integrated rangefinder, enabling precise manual focus that mirrors exposure parameters directly in the viewfinder. This capability enhances the camera's usability in various shooting conditions, providing photographers with the speed and accuracy traditionally associated with rangefinder systems.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN AND FUNCTIONALITY. Unlike conventional digital cameras, the Pixii Max forgoes a built-in display, opting instead for seamless integration with a dedicated smartphone app. This design choice streamlines the camera's interface and workflow, allowing photographers to review and manage captured images conveniently on their mobile devices.

UPGRADE AND PRICING DETAILS. Existing Pixii users with APS-C sensor models have the option to upgrade to the Pixii Max, though pricing for this service has yet to be confirmed by the manufacturer.

The Pixii Max (A3410) is available for pre-order on Pixii's website, with initial pricing starting at EUR 3,999 (approximately $4,315) for the 32 GB storage variant and EUR 4,249 (approximately $4,585) for the 128 GB model, excluding taxes. These models complement the continued availability of the APS-C sensor variant for those seeking a more economical option.

The Pixii Max represents a bold step forward in digital rangefinder technology, combining classic design principles with modern innovations tailored to meet the demands of contemporary photographers. With its full-frame sensor, versatile lens compatibility, and intuitive manual focus capabilities, the Pixii Max promises to appeal to photography enthusiasts seeking unparalleled control and creative expression in their craft.





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