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Moog Mariana: The New Dual-Layer Bass Synthesizer Plugin

Classic Moog Sound for Windows, Mac and iOS

NEWS  Plugins VST  December 5, 2023  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Moog Music, renowned for its iconic analog synthesizers, has ventured into uncharted territory with its latest release – the Mariana plugin and iOS app. Mariana is not only a dual-layer Bass Synthesizer plugin but also marks the brand's debut in catering to Windows users.

Dual-Layer Brilliance

Mariana stands out with its dual-layer architecture, a testament to Moog's commitment to delivering distinctive sonic characteristics. The plugin, compatible with macOS, Windows, and iOS, inherits the classic Moog engine while introducing new features to the realm of bass synthesis.

Oscillator Mastery

Each layer comprises two traditional oscillators, creating a dual stereo oscillator section with customizable basic waveforms. Mariana allows users to delve deeper into sound sculpting, offering options to manipulate frequency, hard-sync, duty cycle, tuning, phase, and octave. The inclusion of legato modes and a dual oscillator spread function enhances stereo imaging, while an accent mode provides an extra punch to the sound.

Advanced Filtering

In a departure from the classic Moog resonant Ladder lowpass filter, Mariana boasts a flexible filter architecture. Three independent filterslowpass, high-pass, and multimode – contribute to shaping the sonic output. The ability to adjust routing, apply filter crossover functions, and modify sub-oscillator characteristics provides a rich palette for creating diverse sounds.


Mariana excels in modulation with a sophisticated engine comprising three LFOs, three envelopes, and two random generators. The bi-directional modulation capability allows cross-layer modulations, adding complexity to sound design. While the absence of waveform selection control in modulation is noted, the inclusion of modulators like MPE, pressure, velocity, and release velocity compensates for it.

Output Excellence

With two layers featuring dual oscillators, six LFOs, and six envelopes, Mariana excels in the output section. A multi-flavor saturator, stereo delay, and expandable chorus enhance each layer's character. The built-in compressor with selectable FET characteristic contributes to sound cohesion.

Mariana On-the-Go

Moog ensures Mariana is not confined to desktop setups, extending its reach to iOS users. The plugin retains its full feature set on iOS, complemented by a virtual keyboard with pitch and modwheel controls, catering to mobile music creators.

While Mariana enters a saturated market of bass synth plugins, its unique features, including dual-layer architecture, cross-layer modulation, and flexible filter options, set it apart. Early tests reveal a gorgeous, powerful sound that may redefine the expectations of bass synthesizers in 2023.

Availability and Pricing

Mariana is currently available at an introductory price of $49 (regular $99) for macOS and Windows users. The iOS version can be acquired for $14.99 (regular $29.99). 

For more information, visit Moog Music.




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