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Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date: A Controversial Revelation in Altec Lansing's GameShark AI Successor Press Release

The Potential Leak and Its Impact on Nintendo's Strategy

LEAKS  Games  January 12, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Audio electronics company Altec Lansing has stirred up the gaming community with the revelation of an artificial intelligence-powered successor to GameShark, aptly named "AI Shark". However, the real bombshell hidden within the press release is the potential leak of the release date for the much-anticipated Nintendo Switch 2.

Digital Trends first spotted the potential leak on January 11, as Altec Lansing's press release seemingly nonchalantly disclosed that the Nintendo Switch 2 might hit the shelves in September 2024. The official launch is said to coincide with the unveiling of the GameShark successor. Intriguingly, when Digital Trends reached out for clarification, Altec Lansing confirmed that while a specific month had not been chosen, there is a tentative launch window set for "Fall 2024".

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However, in a twist that adds more uncertainty to the situation, a second statement from Altec Lansing and AI Shark arrived later on the same day. This time, the company backtracked, stating that the Fall 2024 window was not official, and Nintendo had yet to make any "official" announcements regarding the release plans for the Nintendo Switch 2.

It's crucial to note the potential implications of these statements. While there is a possibility that Altec Lansing, GameShark, and the entities involved in AI Shark might have access to confidential information about the Nintendo Switch 2, skepticism is warranted. The gaming community remains divided on whether this revelation is a calculated move by Altec Lansing to generate buzz or a genuine leak from a source with inside knowledge.

The bold move by Altec Lansing raises questions about the company's strategy and its potential fallout. Nintendo, known for its secrecy and meticulous control over product announcements, may not be pleased with this unexpected disclosure. This situation comes on the heels of another AI-related controversy at CES 2024 involving Mario, further complicating the relationship between Nintendo and emerging technologies.




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