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Destiny 2: Togetherness Modifier Sparks Controversy Among Solo Guardians

Solo players unite against Destiny's divisive modifier, calling for change in The Coil

NEWS  Games  December 31, 2023  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Destiny 2  has long been celebrated for its engaging gameplay modifiers that add an extra layer of challenge to various in-game activities. From enhancing enemy shields to altering player behaviors with unique modifiers like Airborne, these tweaks contribute to the dynamic and evolving nature of Destiny's gameplay. However, not all modifiers are created equal, and the recent introduction of the Togetherness modifier in The Coil has sparked a wave of discontent among solo Guardians.

Solo Guardians Rally Against Togetherness in The Coil

The Destiny 2 community recently witnessed a surge of frustration as solo players took to platforms like Reddit to express their discontent with the Togetherness modifier. This particular modifier, active in The Coil, presents a unique challenge by reducing health regeneration unless a player stands near a teammate. While intended to encourage teamwork, the solo player experience is marred by this modifier, leading to accusations that Bungie is neglecting the needs of those who prefer to tackle challenges alone.

One disgruntled Guardian's Reddit post encapsulated the sentiment, stating:

"Bungie decision-makers once again proving they don’t pay attention to the actual game."

The post delves into the detrimental impact of Togetherness on solo play, arguing that modifiers like Grounded or Attrition make more sense, as they do not discriminate against solo players. The sentiment is echoed by others who describe Togetherness as not just challenging but frustrating for those flying solo.

Community Consensus: Togetherness Must Go

The discontent has spread like wildfire, with numerous Destiny 2 players expressing their dissatisfaction with the Togetherness modifier. One player asserted:

"This modifier needs to go. Not fun or challenging, just absolutely frustrating to experience."

Even those who attempted to find value in the modifier concluded that it feels constraining and, ultimately, not enjoyable:

"Togetherness is a sh*te modifier even when you do have a fireteam. The new Match Game, if you will"

commented a player, emphasizing that the community sentiment remains negative, even when the modifier is functioning as intended.

Looking Ahead: The Fate of Togetherness in The Coil

As Destiny 2 players endure the challenges posed by Togetherness in The Coil, there is anticipation and uncertainty about what awaits them after the weekly reset on January 2, 2024. While the current fate of the modifier remains unknown, the Destiny 2 community has speculated on possible replacements, including Attrition, Grounded, Galvanized, and Epitaph.




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