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The Future of MIDI Routing: Soma Laboratory Introduces Metaconformer

Explore the Innovative MIDI Utility Device Redefining Instrument Connectivity

NEWS  Musical Instruments  January 10, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Soma Laboratory released Metaconformer, a hardware router set to revolutionize MIDI connectivity and routing setups. Far from being just another instrument, the Metaconformer is a MIDI utility device designed to facilitate intricate connections between multiple instruments.

Operating Modes: Versatility Unleashed

Metaconformer introduces three distinctive operating modes: Splitter, Combiner, and Translator. This strategic versatility allows musicians to unlock a myriad of creative possibilities, tailoring their MIDI setups to match the complexity of their musical vision. Soma Laboratory further promises additional modes in the pipeline, hinting at an evolving platform that keeps pace with the ever-changing landscape of music production.

1. Splitter Mode: Divide and Conquer

In Splitter mode, Metaconformer becomes a powerful tool for keyboardists and electronic musicians. The device seamlessly divides the keyboard into eight zones, each assignable to a unique MIDI channel. This not only enables playing multiple instruments simultaneously without channel switching but also empowers multitimbral playability for devices capable of receiving multiple channels concurrently. The customizable zones, equipped with transposition options, provide a dynamic and flexible playground for musicians.

2. Combiner Mode: Crafting Polyphonic Symphonies

Switching to Combiner mode transforms the Metaconformer into a versatile hub for creativity. This mode takes incoming notes and distributes them across multiple MIDI channels at the outputs, allowing users to construct their own multitimbral polysynths. With support for up to eight individual instruments, musicians can delve into the realm of polyphonic synthesis, blending diverse sounds seamlessly.

3. Translator Mode: Harmonizing with Key-based Control

In Translator mode, Metaconformer takes a unique approach by allowing Control Change (CC) messages to be triggered by notes. This innovative feature enables users to 'play' with parameters using keys rather than traditional encoders, faders, or control mechanisms. It adds a layer of expressiveness to the music-making process, offering a new dimension of interaction between the musician and the instrument.

Designed for Intuitiveness: Configuring in a Flash

Soma Laboratory emphasizes simplicity and user experience in Metaconformer's design. All modes can be configured swiftly in three or four steps, eliminating the need for menu diving or in-depth MIDI knowledge. This user-friendly approach ensures that musicians can focus on their creative process without being bogged down by technical intricacies.

Pricing & Availability: Accessible Innovation

The Metaconformer is available now, inviting musicians to explore its transformative capabilities at a competitive price of $184.99. This MIDI utility device promises to be a game-changer in the evolving landscape of music production, especially for keyboards players. For more information visit Soma Laboratory's official website. 




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