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Drum Mint 83: Nostalgic Drum Beats in a Tiny Package from Home Bake Instruments

Journey Back to the 80s with the Japanese Developer's Latest Mini Drum Machine

NEWS  Musical Instruments  January 9, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

In the realm of music technology, where innovation constantly shapes the landscape, the spotlight turns to Home Bake Instruments, a Japanese indie developer known for crafting portable synths and drum machines. Stepping into the limelight with their limited-edition creations available exclusively in Japan, the latest gem to emerge from their workshop is the Drum Mint 83—a mini drum machine that echoes the beats of the 80s.

The Drum Mint 83, a unique addition to Home Bake Instruments' repertoire, beckons musicians and enthusiasts alike to embrace the nostalgia of the past. This tiny rhythm machine is not just a visual delight but packs a punch with its feature-rich design. With a circuit board that serves as the canvas for your beats, the Drum Mint 83 boasts seven voices, blending analog modeling and PCM-based sound sources.


The sonic arsenal includes a bass drum, a snare, a hi-hat, a rim shot part with clap option, a low tom generator with cowbell via the tone setting, and a ride part. Enhancing your sonic journey, the built-in overdrive adds crunch, while the stereo delay injects vibrancy into your patterns. The Drum Mint 83 is not just a drum machine; it's a musical playground with a sequencer offering 16 steps and 8 patterns, along with features like pattern chain playback, flam, swing, and pattern mute. To spark creativity, Home Bake Instruments introduces an AI-based phrase generator for instant pattern evolution.

On the connectivity front, the Drum Mint 83 keeps it simple with a USB-C for powering and a stereo mini-jack output. Notably absent are MIDI or other sync options, a deliberate choice according to the developer, who emphasizes the use of a more powerful CPU for improved sound quality and new features, including the stereo delay.

Available now for approximately €92.50, plus shipping and import fees, the Drum Mint 83 beckons musicians worldwide to explore its sonic possibilities.For more information and to delve into the world of Home Bake Instruments, visit their official website.



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