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Teenage Engineering's OP-1 Field 1.5 Firmware Upgrade

Exploring the Latest Features and Enhancements in the OP-1 Field Synthesizer

NEWS  Musical Instruments  December 16, 2023  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Teenage Engineering has once again captivated the attention of the synth community with the release of the OP-1 Field 1.5 firmware. This latest upgrade brings exciting features, including a groundbreaking Terminal bit-crusher FX and a convenient track-bouncing functionality known as merge drop. The release has sparked fervent discussions, underscoring the polarizing nature of the OP-1 Field within the synth community.

The OP-1 Field: A Successor to the Modern Legend

The OP-1 Field stands as the successor to the revered modern white legend, the OP-1. Since its release, the OP-1 Field has been a subject of intense debate, dividing opinions within the synth community. While some dismiss it as an expensive hipster accessory, others hail it as an indispensable synth and creative tool suitable for both studio and live performances. More than a year after its launch, the OP-1 Field continues to elicit passionate responses from musicians and producers alike.


OP-1 Field 1.5 Firmware: A Christmas Gift for Musicians

For the holiday season, Teenage Engineering has bestowed upon OP-1 Field users the gift of the 1.5 firmware update, introducing two significant features that enhance the synthesizer's capabilities: 

  • Terminal: A Vintage-Inspired FX Processor: The highlight of the 1.5 firmware is the introduction of Terminal, a novel FX processor. Terminal seamlessly combines a bit-crusher with a filter that produces anti-aliasing effects. With four adjustable parameters – frequency, bits, model (filter), and dry/wet mix – Terminal is a visual delight, featuring a vintage computer interface. As audio flows through, a green data stream on the computer screen mirrors the input, creating a unique and aesthetically pleasing representation of the sound. Terminal's effects inject a crunchy, LoFi character into the sounds, providing users with new avenues for sonic exploration.
  • Merge Drop: Streamlining Music Production: Accompanying Terminal is the merge drop functionality, a track-bouncing feature that simplifies the arrangement process. By executing a straightforward keyboard command (shift + drop), multiple tracks can be consolidated into the currently active track. This proves especially useful in projects with intricate arrangements and numerous sounds, allowing users to free up tracks efficiently.

Bug Fixes and Reliability

Beyond the new features, the 1.5 firmware addresses bugs present in previous iterations, ensuring a smoother and more reliable user experience. Teenage Engineering remains committed to refining the OP-1 Field, demonstrating their dedication to providing users with a cutting-edge and dependable music production tool.

For OP-1 Field users eager to explore the latest enhancements, the firmware update can be downloaded from the official Teenage Engineering website.


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